Longevity Industry in California Landscape

This online interactive IT-system offers a complete and dynamic Longevity Industry in California Landscape Overview. It consists of a large industry database and includes different entities active in the California Longevity Industry, including 220 companies and 255 investors (categorized into various subsectors including Precision Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, AgeTech and Neurotech), 40 Non-Profits, 40 Research Labs and 15 Government Organizations. The platform emphasizes interactions, relations, and connections between the aforementioned industry entities, providing a more dynamic lens through which to view emerging trends and activities in this sphere. This platform enables complex interactions between industry entities and stakeholders to be visualized, filtered, searched and thus more easily understood. It is being continuously updated with real-time industry developments, and is in a constant state of expansion and refinement, with substantial additions planned on the next stage including automation of data aggregation and advanced statistical tools including machine learning and big data analysis to enable hidden insights, connections, trends and tangible, pragmatic answers to key strategic questions to be delivered under the weight of even larger amounts of data. This IT-platform is open to qualified stakeholders and serves as a framework for industry optimization and cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between companies, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and, especially, government officials. In this manner, the platform maintains its relevance in the face of changing industry trends, developments, and complexities, and enables both industry participants and platform users to gain a deep understanding of key insights relevant to developments in the sector, in order to optimize their strategic decision making and to promote the synergistic and integrated development of the Longevity Industry to maximize the benefits of all industry stakeholders.

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