Jeralean Talley

Date of birth: 23 May 1899
Date of death: 17 June 2015
Lifetime duration: 116 years, 25 days

Jeralean L. Talley (23 May 1899 – 17 June 2015) was an American supercentenarian who was at the age of 116 years, 25 days the oldest living person in the world, and the oldest verified living American, originally believed to have got the title upon the death of 113-year-old Elsie Thompson on 21 March 2013.

Jeralean L. Kurtz spent her early life living on a farm. In 1936, she married Alfred Talley. Together, they had one child. Jeralean and Alfred remained married for 52 years until he died on 17 October 1988, at the age of 95. Her daughter Thelma stated that Jeralean had remained active in her later life by making quilts, sewing dresses, and playing the slot machines at casinos. She bowled until she was 104 years old, but she still went on annual fishing trips. In May 2013, when she was 114 years old, she caught 7 catfish. Talley lived by the motto: "Treat others the way you want to be treated". She advised people to use common sense, saying, "I don't have much education, but what little sense I got, I try to use it".
Country: USA