Christina Cock

Date of birth: 25 December 1887
Date of death: 22 May 2002
Lifetime Duration: 114 Years, 148 Days

Christina Cock (née Clay; 25 December 1887 – 22 May 2002) is recorded as the oldest verified supercentenarian in Australian history, aged 114 years, 148 days when she died.

Christina Cock was born in Gorae, just outside Portland, Victoria is the second of 11 children. She married Wilbert Cock in 1913. The couple remained married for almost 73 years until Wilbert's death at the age of 96 in 1986. Following the death of 110-year-old Ada Cleggett on 8 December 1995, she became the oldest living Australian, aged 107. Five years later, on 21 November 2000, Cock broke the Australian longevity record of 112 years 330 days, which was set by Caroline Mockridge (11 December 1874 – 6 November 1987). At the time of Cock's death, she was the second-oldest person in the world. Cock lived independently until she was 109 years old when she broke her hip during a fall.
Country: Australia