Michael Greve

Michael Greve is the CEO and Founder of Kizoo Technology Ventures and the Forever Healthy Foundation.

As Michael himself says, his lifestyle during his hacker days wasn’t among the healthiest; his interest in healthy life extension developed as a consequence of his efforts to switch to a healthier way of living. Eventually, his research into the science of staying healthy led him to the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey and the realization that staving off age-related diseases and preserving health indefinitely was a potentially achievable goal. Following this serendipitous discovery, he founded and launched the Forever Healthy Foundation.

Forever Healthy’s mission is to enable people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan and be part of the first generation to cure aging.

They support the development of rejuvenation therapies that undo the damage of aging by funding basic research, bringing together the world’s leading scientists at their Undoing Aging conference, and helping startups that work on actual therapies for human use.

KIZOO helps young start-up teams grow by providing mentoring, seed, and early stage financing in SaaS, Internet, and mobile services, with growing focus on Rejuvenation Biotech. Apart from their financial resources, KIZOO shares its longtime experience in development, marketing, and product management.