Raviv Melamed

Raviv Melamed is the Co-Founder of Vayyar Imaging Ltd and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.He served as Vice President of Mobility Group and General Manager of Mobile Wireless Group for Intel Corporation. Raviv Melamed was in charge of research, development and operation of wireless products for various Intel platforms. He served as the Director of Engineering for the mobile WiMAX Chipset group. Raviv Melamed joined Intel in 2004 as part of Intel's acquisition of Envara, Inc., where he served as vice president of R&D. He served several roles in the military where he dealt with project management and system engineering of large-scale communication and radar systems spanning from acoustic to Ka band. He has co-authored several papers in the areas of airborne reconnaissance, infrared technology and laser communications. Raviv Melamed holds a BSC and MSC in electrical engineering from Ben-Gurion University.
Country: Israel