Ziv Ofek

Ziv Ofek is the Founder & CEO of CDI-Negev, leading-edge nonprofit Center for Digital Innovation created through the collaborative efforts of some of Israel’s most outstanding digital health entrepreneurs and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (www.cdi-negev.com). Ziv is also the founder & CEO of MDClone company. Powered by a patented technology for producing synthetic data, MDClone’s comprehensive research platform liberates valuable clinical data enabling researchers and organizations around the globe fast and easy access to clinical data, while fully protecting patients’ privacy (www.mdclone.com). Ziv is a serial entrepreneur, the founder and former Chief Innovation Officer of dbMotion (www.dbmotion.com), acquired by Allscripts (www.allscripts.com) for 235M$. Ziv is the originator of the dbMotion concept for clinical information integration and semantic interoperability that includes advances applications and tools for coordinated care and population management. His 20 years expertise in the field of innovation and medical informatics covers a wide range of areas, both in theory and in practice, including in-depth understanding of the different approaches and initiatives in international markets.
Country: Israel