Zorian Radomyslsky

Dr. Zorian Radomyslsky is the director of the geriatric service at Maccabi Health Care Services. In this capacity, he leads the geriatric services for the Maccabi health maintenance organization’s 150,000 members aged 65+ including multidisciplinary medical home care, comprehensive geriatric assessment and health promotion and prevention. Maccabi has developed strategies and services for treatment of the elderly population that are provided to the cognitively impaired and dementia patients to ensure comprehensive multidisciplinary care. Maccabi Healthcare Services was one of the first health care organizations, internationally, to recognize the strategic potential of information and communication technology for managing comprehensive health care systems, with particular emphasis on health care services in the community. Maccabi’s IT and e-health infrastructure is among the most advanced in the world pioneering in various modes of service delivery via e-health technology. It uses comprehensive and integrated computerized information systems, cost-effective management and sophisticated monitoring and evaluation tools.