Pidder Jansen-Durr

Dr. Pidder Jansen-Dürr studied Biology at the University of Munich, Germany, where he also obtained his PhD degree in zoology, biochemistry and genetics. He received training in molecular virology at the Laboratoire the Genetice Moleculaire des Eucaryotes in Strasbourg/France. During his career he worked as a group leader at the Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum in Heidelberg/Germany in the Division of Applied Tumour Virology. In 1998, he was appointed head of the department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the Institute for Biomedical Aging Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Innsbruck, Austria. Since 2000, he is a member of the Tyrolean Cancer research center, where he also runs a lab working in Molecular Oncology. Since September 2012, he runs a research group at Innsbruck University. Pidder Jansen-Dürr has coordinated several EU-sponsored research networks, and coordinated a National Research Network (NFN S93, 2005-2010) on Ageing Research sponsored by the Austrian Science Funds (FWF). Dr. Jansen-Dürr has authored and/or co-authored over 110 research papers. He is member of the Biochemical Society and the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine, and served as affiliate Editor for Experimental Gerontology. Currently, he acts as supervising editor for Aging Cell.
Country: Austria