Jon Ingar Kjenes

CEO of Motitech, the Norwegian company behind Motiview, a motivational tool that stimulates older people and people with dementia to increased physical, mental and social wellbeing. Using an specially adapted indoor exercise bike, video and sound, the users can take cycle trips through familiar surroundings and childhood memories.

The concept was originally developed in cooperation with the Agency for Nursing Homes in the City of Bergen (2012-2013) and the main user group is older people and people with dementia within public and private care facilities. This includes care homes, adult day care centres, senior community centres, home care and rehabilitation. Our growing video library facilitates bringing memories back to life and inspires through the combination of sensory impression and physical activity.

Motiview is now being used at hundreds of locations in the Nordics, UK, North America, and Australia. The benefits have been documented through extensive use and several projects; Improved mobility; Fewer falls; Faster rehabilitation; Increased appetite; Reduced obesity; Reduction in aggressive behaviour and medication; Better sleep; Less pain; Improved physical, mental and social well-being; Inspiring for carers and family.
Country: Norway