David Inns

David Inns is CEO at GreatCall.

GreatCall, Inc. is the U.S. leader in ""active aging"" solutions, combining usable technology with a high standard of care to help older consumers live safely & independently, longer. The active aging market is experiencing rapid growth as new technology intersects with the changing demographics of an older population.

Since 2006, GreatCall has been innovating to solve problems for three constituents: an aging population that wants to maintain independence, a huge market of family caregivers that want peace of mind, and a healthcare system that needs to reduce the cost of serving this rapidly growing population.

GreatCall provides a wide range of health and safety services through proprietary wireless devices that have been deigned for simplicity. With mobile personal emergency response, 24/7 access to certified nurses and doctors, medication adherence programs, brain games for improving cognitive function, wellness coaching, and remote patient monitoring, GreatCall’s customers need only one device in the palm of their hand to improve their wellbeing.