Steven Engle

Steven Engle has over 20 years of executive leadership experience with public biotech companies developing breakthrough products in metabolic, autoimmune, oncologic and infectious disease areas. Before joining CohBar, Mr. Engle served for seven years as CEO of Averigon Consulting, an advisory firm to the life science industry, supporting companies through product partnering, regulatory planning, investor relations and executive management. Previously, he served for four years as Chairman and CEO of XOMA Corporation, a leader in therapeutic antibodies and antibody technologies. Prior to XOMA, Mr. Engle served for fourteen years as Chairman and CEO of La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company, which discovered the biology of B cell tolerance, developed the first B cell toleragen for lupus patients, and received an approvable letter from the FDA. Earlier, he also served as Vice President of Marketing for Cygnus, Inc., a drug delivery systems company, where he helped to gain FDA approval and to launch Nicotrol for smoking cessation.