Michael Brehm

Michael Brehm, Founder and Managing Director of the AI startup i2x, is a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. He has invested in over 50 tech startups and is advising several of Germany’s largest corporations on digitization. Having built and sold companies to Google and eBay, taken one company public, and starting an investment company, Michael is a renowned expert in predicting the next big wave and building businesses to disrupt the status quo. During the early 2000’s, Michael was Executive Director and Investor at the social network startup VZ-Netzwerke, as well as the Co-Founder of Rebate Networks which became one of the two largest e-commerce platforms worldwide. He is also the Co-Founder and Partner of Redstone, a venture capital as a service firm that has helped corporates to partner with and invest in over 200 tech start-ups. Michael’s most recent venture is the Berlin based startup i2x. Founded in 2017, the market leader for automated real-time conversation analytics and coaching is solving a problem that Michael Brehm repeatedly faced in his career: ensuring quality and delivering unprecedented customer satisfaction during every sales and service call.