Jaco Oosthuizen

Jaco Oosthuizen is the co-founder of YuLife. Jaco began his career in the MMI group as an actuarial student and swiftly moved on to head up an actuarial valuations team within Momentum. Jaco then headed up the team that created and developed Momentum’s Multiply Wellness Programme which has grown to be the second largest wellness rewards programme. s an actuary and entrepreneur with a career spanning across 28 years, I now find myself working in international markets in what is arguably one of the fastest moving industries. I have carved out a career of successful business conceptualisations and deployments with some of South Africa’s largest brands. As a thought leader and ideation expert, I have recently moved into a role in yuLife that has enabled me to co-develop and grow a business venture from the ground up, in the very competitive Insuretech, behavioural science and wellness industries. My ability to lead, inspire and drive teams ensures that the businesses I build develop into major commercial brands and are commercially successful. I am comfortable speaking to leaders in the industry about cutting edge products and business models and have managed to raise millions worth of funding for new ventures.
Country: USA
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