Candy Cho

Scientific Founder Candy Hsin-Hua, Cho is currently a research associate at the Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine, University of Cambridge funded by the Medical Research Council. She was awarded a PhD degree in differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into pancreatic islet cells at University of Cambridge, which was funded by MRC,Cambridge University Overseas Trust and Ministry of Education in Taiwan. She has worked in the human stem cell field for over 8 years, has extensive expertise in stem cell pluripotency, developmental patterning specifically towards endoderm and the differentiation of stem cells using defined, xeno-free culture conditions. Prior to joining the University of Cambridge Candy completed her B.Sc. in Biochemistry at University of Bristol, U.K. She has published research articles in high-impact journals in the fields of pancreatic and liver cell differentiation in defined conditions. This ground-breaking work has contributed to the development of the OptiDIFF platform for the production of iPSC-derived liver and pancreatic cells.
Candy’s current research interests include the generation of pancreatic progenitor cells and its maturation into functional glucose responsive pancreatic islet cells.
Country: UK
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