Werner Lanthaler

Dr. Werner Lanthaler, MBA, MPA, has been the Chief Executive Officer of Evotec since March 2009 and serves as its Member of Management Board. Dr. Lanthaler has an outstanding track record of building and growing life sciences companies.

Dr. Lanthaler served as Treasurer of Intercell USA Inc. (formerly Iomai Corporation) since 2008. He served as the Chief Financial Officer of Intercell Biomedical Research & Development AG from September 2001 to March 2009 and as its Member of Management Board until March 6, 2009. He was responsible for the departments of Finance, Administration, Human Resources, Investor Relations and Marketing & Sales at Intercell. He has considerable experience working in the labor and capital markets of the US, South America and Europe. He served as Chief Financial Officer at Intercell AG from 2000 to 2009. Dr. He served as a Senior Management Consultant of McKinsey & Company International from 1995 to 1998. He serves as a Director of Topas Therapeutics GmbH. He has been Non-Executive Director of argenx SE since July 9, 2014. He was the Interim Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Topas Therapeutics GmbH. He served as Supervisory Director of argenx SE since April 08, 2014.
Country: Germany
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